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Best CHambers Students' Dictionary CD
Published by Best by arrangement with Chambers Harrap, this major new English-Turkish learners’ dictionary took three years to prepare. The dictionary is based on the Chambers English-to-English Students’ Dictionary but has Turkish explanations added by well-known dictionary writer Önder Renkliyıldırım. It is an essential resource book for all elementary to intermediate students of English.
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Support for the learner
The many thousands of Turkish definitions, translated examples, usage notes and synonym / antonym boxes provide learners with all the information they need to understand what English words mean and how they are used, while the example sentences can be used as models when students write sentences of their own.

Clear presentation with illustrations
The two-colour layout helps the reader to locate the information he / she wants quickly and easily. Illustrations focus on differences between similar words (e.g. ‘curly / wavy / frizzy hair’) as well as showing varieties of musical instrument, parts of the body, animals, birds, etc.

Grammar reference
A grammar reference section at the back of the dictionary summarises language points such as prepositions, conjunctions, tag questions, comparative and superlative, punctuation and spelling with the help of entertaining pictures and diagrams.

Help with dictionary skills
In order to help students learn how to use a dictionary more efficiently, we have produced a 64-page Workbook to accompany the Best-Chambers Students’ Dictionary. The Workbook has sections that focus on particular aspects of dictionary use, such as finding the correct meaning of a word, checking spelling and pronunciation, dealing with phrasal verbs and using the grammatical information provided in the dictionary.

Thesaurus Verbs Idioms

What can publishers do to make English teachers’ lives easier? At Best, our answer to this question is: “Provide them with the essential reference books they need.”

By special arrangement with Chambers Harrap of Edinburgh, Best has printed the ‘Chambers Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs’, the ‘Chambers Dictionary of Idioms’ and the ‘Chambers Paperback Thesaurus’ in Turkey and has distributed free copies of these books to thousands of teachers of English.