Exploring Use of English


Exploring Use of English is a two-part series of grammar and usage books for students at First Certificate level and above.


• Complete coverage of all aspects of grammar and usage needed at Cambridge First Certificate
level (Book 1) and at Upper Intermediate level (Book 2)
• Thorough practice in each grammar point and lexical area
• Useful reference summaries of verbs, adjectives and nouns with prepositions; prepositional
phrases; and phrasal verbs
• ‘With Answers’ edition for the teacher.


Each six-page unit begins with an explanation of grammar points, with examples. Then come exercises practising these grammar points, and the rest of the unit consists of exercises of the following types: rephrasing sentences in different ways to give the same meaning, error correction, phrasal verbs, prepositions, confusable words, derivatives, texts for multiple choice cloze and texts for open cloze.