Grammar Fast is a grammar book for students at Beginner, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels. It is designed to accompany or supplement any course at this level. Unlike many other grammar books, Grammar Fast is in full colour and is richly illustrated with many entertaining pictures and visuals.


Grammar Fast Plus follows the same grammar syllabus as 'Grammar Fast'. However, 'Grammar Fast Plus' has extra sections on the following topics:

- Conditionals Type 2
- some, somebody, any, anybody, no, nobody, none, (a) few, (a) little
- The Past Perfect Simple Tense - The Unreal Past (I wish ...)
- Reported Speech (10 pages of grammar explanations and exercises)
- The Passive Voice (6 pages of grammar explanations and exercises)


Exploring English Grammar is a four-level, innovative, full-colour grammar series which can be used to accompany the Exploring English course or as a supplement to any other coursebook of the appropriate level. The aim of the series is to help learners acquire a basic understanding of English grammatical structures and use them in controlled situations.


Exploring Use of English is a two-part series of grammar and usage books for students at First Certificate level and above.