Simple Steps to Good Writing


Simple Steps to Good Writing is a series of four reading and writing skills books which take the learner from Beginner to Intermediate level.


• Gentle and gradual build-up to writing - students read texts and do exercises
before starting to write
• Model compositions and composition plans
• Topic-related vocabulary development exercises
• Practice in using adjectives and conjunctions.


Each four-page unit begins with an oral Warm-up activity introducing the topic of the unit. Then there is a Reading for Ideas section containing a reading text or texts which also serve as models of correct writing, followed by Vocabulary Development exercises. The writing part of the unit then begins with Writing Practice exercises (practising conjunctions, sequencing phrases, etc.) and continues with a Common Mistakes exercise. Finally, students do a Writing Task for which full guidance (including a Writing Plan) is given. The Writing Tasks (ruled pages to be filled in, with notes for guidance at the side) are at the back of the book. These can be done as homework, detached from the book and handed in to the teacher.

The Answer Key contains answers to the exercises in all four books.