Exploring First Certificate


Exploring First Certificate follows on directly from Exploring English 4, drawing together all students have learned and fine-tuning their language skills so that they are ready to progress to Upper Intermediate (Cambridge First Certificate) level.


Each 16-page unit is based on a theme such as Feelings and Emotions, World Issues, Health and Body, etc. Units are divided into four parts (Reading, Use of English, Speaking and Listening, Listening and Writing), and each part begins with a reading passage or a dialogue (note that all these are recorded on the cassettes).

The unit then continues with a variety of exercises covering not only grammar and vocabulary but also such topics as prepositions, phrasal verbs, word formation, collocations, words easily confused and common mistakes.

Each unit also has a large number of speaking, listening and writing skills exercises for which full guidance is given.

There is a ‘Vocabulary Development’ section on most pages, listing idioms in alphabetical order and building into an ‘idioms dictionary’. A useful ‘Grammar Reference’ section at the back of the book lists grammar points in tabular form.


For the student:
– a Coursebook (in full colour)
– a Task Book (also in full colour).

For the teacher:
– a Teacher’s Book in which the Coursebook pages are reproduced (full size and in colour), but with
answers shown in place
– a Teacher’s Guide (black and white) giving suggestions for exploiting the Coursebook material and
ideas for further activities, together with Photocopiable Material
– a Task Book With Answers in which the Task Book pages are reproduced (full size and in colour)
with answers shown in place
– CD’s (or Cassettes) containing recordings of the reading passages and dialogues, plus the listening
sections and pronunciation drills, and
– a Test Booklet with tests on each block of three or four units, plus a final test.