Go Ahead 1-2

Go-Ahead 1Go-Ahead-2

Go Ahead 1 and 2 are a two-level course for Class 9 at Turkish secondary schools. Each book is designed to be used in one of the two school terms.

KEY FEATURES (Levels 1 - 2)

Grammar: coverage of grammar is simple but thorough. The grammar for each lesson is clearly explained in a grammar box.

Reading texts: a variety of carefully-chosen texts enables students to develop their understanding of written English.

Vocabulary building: extensive practice in vocabulary development and word-building is given by means of a variety of stimulating tasks.

Storyline: this is based on the lives of a group of young people, some living in England and some visiting England. The story reflects students' own lives and interests and raises awareness of multi-cultural issues.

Skills work: the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are developed gradually through simple, step-by-step techniques.

Communicative activities and puzzles: these make the learning process more enjoyable, and encourage students to want to communicate in English.

Regular revision: constant recycling and revision ensures thorough practice of all material previously taught.

COMPONENTS (Levels 1 - 2)

For the student:
– a Coursebook (in full colour)
– an Activity Book (also in full colour).

For the teacher:
– a Teacher’s Book in which for every lesson of the Coursebook there is a double page of related
teaching notes, guidance on classroom procedures, extra activities and answers to the exercises;
Teacher’s Books also contain the Listening Tapescripts, plus Photocopiable Material for extra
speaking practice,
– an Activity Book With Answers in full colour, in which each page of the Activity Book is
reproduced (full size and in full colour) with answers shown in place,
– CD’s containing recordings of all dialogues and reading passages, plus the Listening
exercises and the 'Language Spot' drills for pronunciation,
– Worksheets giving further practice in the main grammar points and vocabulary, and
– a Test Booklet with tests on each block of four units. There are three separate, parallel versions
of each test, allowing the teacher to give pupils sitting next to each other different tests if desired.
The material in the Test Booklets can also be used as worksheets.


• Emphasis on the spoken language
• Dialogues in comic-strip style with teenage appeal
• Reading material in teenage magazine format.

Go-Ahead 1

Key structures in Go Ahead 1:

• verb ‘to be’
• ‘have got’ / ‘has got’
• ‘there is’ / ‘there are’’
• prepositions of place and time
• present continuous
• simple present
• modals ‘can’ and ‘may’
• countable and uncountable nouns
• simple past
• ‘going to’ and ‘will’ futures
• ‘Let’s ...’ and ‘Shall I / we ... ?’
• adjectives and adverbs
• ‘want (to)’ and ‘would like (to)’
• ‘used to’


• Emphasis on the spoken language continues, but with a gentle progression to longer reading texts
• Dialogues present informal language in the context of teenagers talking about their problems
• Reading material again in teenage magazine format.

Key structures in Go Ahead 2:

• comparative and superlative
• imperatives
• possessive pronouns
• present perfect
• past continuous
• ‘may’ and ‘might’
• adverbs of manner, frequency and possibility
• ‘too’ and ‘enough’
• zero and first conditionals, ‘when’ clauses
• ‘could’ / ‘couldn’t’ and ‘be able to’
• ‘had to’ and ‘didn’t have to’
• ‘should’
• relative clauses (with pronoun as subject; with pronoun as object)
• future continuous