Go Ahead Intermediate Plus

Go Ahead Intermediate Plus is the second book in the Go Ahead series. It brings learners to a high intermediate level by the end of the book, and leads directly into Go Ahead Upper Intermediate.


Standard units are four pages long. Each is based on a theme, and a discussion on this theme leads into a reading passage, followed by comprehension and vocabulary work. Then come exercises of the following types: ‘Word Formation’, ‘Related Words and Phrases’, ‘Collocations’ and ‘Words Easily Confused’.

The ‘Grammar Check’ then begins: students look at the
Grammar Reference section (at the back of the book) and do exercises. Following this there are exercises on Sentence Transformation, Prepositions, Phrasal Verbs, Error Correction (and sometimes Pronunciation).

The last section of each unit is a skills focus (Listening, Speaking or Writing). Students do the Writing exercises on special pages at the back of the Activity Book. Listening Scripts for the Listening sections are in the Coursebook With Answers (for the teacher).

After every eight standard units there are special ‘Functional English’ and ‘Use of English’ units (teo pages each). Each ‘Functional English’ unit focusses on an aspect of writing, while the ‘Use of English’ units have text-based exercises (cloze passages, etc.).


• 4-page units on themes of interest to teenagers
• In-depth treatment of vocabulary, word formation, phrasal verbs and idioms.