Go Ahead Upper Intermediate

Go Ahead Upper Intermediate is the last book in the Go Ahead series. It is a challenging coursebook, intended to increase students' command of the language and make them aware of correct English usage.


Standard units consist of four ‘lessons’, each of which is four pages long and is centred on a theme. The four ‘lessons’ are in the following order: ‘Reading’ (Lesson 1), ‘Use of English’ (Lesson 2), ‘Speaking & Listening’ (Lesson 3), ‘Writing’ (Lesson 4).

‘Reading’ and ‘Use of English’ Lessons begin with a reading passage and continue with ‘Comprehension Check’ and ‘Vocabulary Check’ exercises.

They then have exercises of the following types: ‘Word Formation’, ‘Related Words and Phrases’, ‘Collocations’, ‘Words Easily Confused’, ‘Grammar Check’ (in which students refer to the 28- page ‘Grammar Reference’ section at the back of the Coursebook), ‘Transformations’, ‘Word Distractors’, ‘Prepositions / Prepositional Phrases’, ‘Error Correction’ and ‘Phrasal Verbs’. The final section is a Speaking or Writing task.

‘Speaking & Listening’ Lessons begin with a dialogue, and continue with exercises on grammar, prepositions / prepositional phrases and phrasal verbs, ending with Speaking skills exercises (for which detailed guidance notes are given) and two Listening exercises.

‘Writing’ Lessons begin with two reading texts for comparison and continue with a ‘Writing Guide’, a ‘Writing Skills’ section giving detailed guidance, two writing assignments and a ‘Listening Practice’ exercise.

After every two standard units, there is a two-page ‘Revision Unit’ focussing on vocabulary, prepositions, phrasal verbs and various grammar points.


• In-depth coverage of all four skills
• Special focus on the skill of writing
• Activity Book with two pages of exercises on each unit
• Detailed Teacher’s Guide with many extra actvities.