Best Readers

The Best Readers are a series of simplified reading books for Turkish schools, written by British authors who have long experience of teaching in this country. The stories are of many different kinds. Some are adventure stories of the traditional type, while others are real-life stories of rescue from disaster, or travellers’ tales with a non-fiction element giving students the opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures.


• All stories specially written for the series
• Stories designed to appeal to young teenagers
• Richly and creatively illustrated
• Vocabulary explained at the back of the book
• ‘Before reading’ and ‘After reading’ questions on each section of the story.

‘How Wrong Can You Be?’ (Level 1) is the story of a kidnapping involving the daughter of a famous football team manager.

‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ (Level 2) is about an English girl who goes to New Zealand and makes friends with some of the country’s original inhabitants - the Maoris.

‘Incident at Eagle Rock’ (Level 3) is the true story of a father and son who lose their way while skiing at Kartalkaya and have to survive in the mountains for days before they are finally rescued.

New for 2006: 'Short, Sweet and Sour' (Level 4) is a collection of five short stories about the darker and funnier sides of the human imagination. What is real? What do we imagine? How does what we believe change us, and are the results good or bad for us?

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The Globetrotters readers are a stylish new departure for our ELT publishing. They combine all of the features of the Best Readers series with a modern, eye-catching design, and illustrations by an artist who has worked on many comic-strip magazines.

'City of Secrets' is the first Globetrotters adventure. It is a continuous story in four books - one at each of Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. In ‘City of Secrets’, the Globetrotters (three students from New York) come to Istanbul to carry out post-graduate studies. While trying to adapt to life in a foreign city (and, in the case of one of them, falling in love), they discover a strange old house near Taksim Square and meet the even stranger people who live in it.

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