Huck Finn
MM Publications Top Readers

Huck Finn


In the American South,
an adventurous boy and
a runaway slave escape
to find freedom. They
sail down the Mississippi
on a log raft, but the
river is often full of
surprises that block
their way… A well-known
classic that generations
of readers have
considered brilliant.

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MM Publications Top Readers aspire to involve Ss from
Beginner to Upper-Intermediate level in the study of
literature and the exploitation of language through
interesting texts. A multi-dimensional material which
enables students to evolve as readers and listeners,
but also speakers and writers. Famous classics, as well
as intriguing original stories serve as stimuli both for
students’ linguistic and emotional development.
The Student’s Book consists of the story and activities
based on the story. The stories have been carefully
adapted to suit the needs and knowledge of students of
each level. Special care has been paid to the choice of
vocabulary, grammatical structures, and text complexity
so as to make the Reader appropriate for the students
to handle. Each story is divided into 10 to 12 chapters
followed by colourful, realistic illustrations which function
as tools for stimulation and better understanding. There
are two pages of activities for each chapter, including
a variety of comprehension, vocabulary, speaking, and
writing exercises. Students are asked to state their
opinion on subjects posed by the text, predict what is
going to happen in the following chapters, and work
on interesting projects, enhancing their creativity and
writing skills.
A separate, easy to use, multilingual glossary answers
students’ questions about unknown vocabulary.
The Teacher’s Book includes factfiles with background
information, summary, characters’ descriptions, and also
ideas for projects and enjoyable games. A step-by-step
approach on every chapter is also provided, with prereading,
while-reading, and after-reading suggestions for
teaching. Revision tests and key to tests are also included.
The Audio CD contains a fully dramatised version of
the story with music and sound effects which make this
material an interesting and useful experience for students
while helping them develop their listening skills.

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