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Short, Sweet and Sour

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LEVEL 4: ‘Short, Sweet and Sour’

‘Short, Sweet and Sour’ is a collection of short stories that make us think about the darker and funnier sides of the human imagination. What is real? What do we imagine? How does what we believe change us?


The Best Readers are a series of simplified reading books for the schools, written by British authors who have long experience of teaching. The stories are of many different kinds. Some are adventure stories of the traditional type, while others are real-life stories of rescue from disaster or travelers’ tales with a non-fiction element giving students the opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures.

All the recordings were made at a studio in London.

Unlike the ‘City of Secrets’ series, where the same story continues throughout four books, each story in the Best Readers series is an independent unit.

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The BEST READERS are a series of simplified reading books for Turkish schools, written by British authors who have long experience of teaching. The recordings of both BEST READERS and CITY OF SECRETS were made at a studio in London. Learn more…

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