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Get That Word 3


‘Get That Word 3’ is one of the series of three reading comprehension books with a variety of exercises.

As of Unit Format, each unit consists of a dialogue or reading passage followed by comprehension work and exercises. The exercises have the following aims:

  • to help students understand how a written or spoken text is organized
  • to give practice in recognizing and using ‘text organization’ words like this, that, it, also and anyway
  • to practice ‘grammar words’ such as all, not, back, other and another
  • to teach conjunctions and other ways of combining clauses and sentences
  • to teach students the ways in which extra information can be added to a sentence using commas, brackets, and dashes
  • to teach punctuation
  • to teach summary writing.

There are also exercises for oral practice and model dialogues in which students practice important features of informal spoken English.

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Get That Word is a series of three reading comprehension books at Beginner, Elementary, and Pre-Intermediate levels. The books follow the syllabus of Exploring English Series but can also be used independently. Learn more…

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