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The most sold English Dictionary published by Best Publishing by arrangement with Chambers Harrap, this major new English – Turkish learners’ dictionary took three years to prepare. 

With definitions in both English and Turkish, plus many translated examples and usage notes, it is an invaluable resource book for everyone learning or teaching English in Turkey. 

The two-color layout makes the dictionary attractive to look at while helping you to find the information you want more quickly. 

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This dictionary, based on the Chambers English-to-English Students’ Dictionary but with Turkish explanations added by well-known dictionary writer John Dyson and Önder Renkliyildirim, is an essential resource book for all elementary to intermediate students of English.

The many thousands of Turkish definitions translated examples, usage notes and synonym/antonym boxes provide learners with all the information they
need to understand what words mean and how they are used, while the example sentences can be used as models when students write sentences of their own.

The two-color layout adds clarity, making it easier and quicker for the reader to locate the information he/she wants. Illustrations focus on differences
between similar words (e.g., ‘curly/wavy/frizzy hair’) as well as showing varieties of musical instruments, parts of the body, animals, birds, etc.

A grammar reference section at the back of the dictionary summarises
language points such as prepositions, conjunctions, tag questions,  comparative and superlative, punctuation, and spelling with the help of entertaining pictures and diagrams.

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