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‘Wordbank’ teaches and practices essential vocabulary. It has a large number of exercises and model dialogues, allowing students to practice the words and
phrases they have learned both orally and in writing, plus extra reading passages.

‘Wordbank’ practices communication as well as vocabulary. After learning the
new words and doing a written exercise, students do dialogues in pairs, practicing the language they have learned. They exchange opinions about the pictures.

Key Features


Unit Format

Ingilizce Kitap Syllabus Based on Common European Framework

C.E.F A1 & A2

Ingilizce Kitap Wordbank English Book ISBN Number

Key Features

Important words and phrases clearly presented with colourful photographs and illustrations

Practice exercises and model dialogues allow students to use the words they have learned both in speech and in writing

‘Text Bank’ at the end of each unit with reading passages and dialogues giving extra practice in the unit vocabulary

All model dialogues and reading passages recorded on CD, giving clear models of pronunciation

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